China Knots 中国结

Chinese knot tying has evolved centuries after centuries to become the intricate and exquisite art form it is in the modern age. The plethora of different knots is used to symbolise both passionate emotions and philosophical concepts such as Love, Luck and Life. The complexity of knot tying is exemplified by the delicate culmination of vibrantly coloured strings. With the richness of its historical culture, Chinese knot tying is renowned both as ancient custom and aesthetically pleasing apparel.

中国结经过几千年的时间,从实用绳结演变成今天这种精致华美的艺术品。其特点是每一个结从头到尾都是用一根线编结而成,每一个基本结又根据其形、意命名。把 不同的结饰互相结合在一起,或与其它具有吉祥图案的饰物搭配组合,就算形成了造型独特、寓意深远、内容丰富的中国传统吉祥装饰品。